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La alter-intención como criterio de distincion

Semana Internacional de la Sociedad Civil, un hito para el país “Al decir de la abogada Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo, una de las investigadoras que trabaja académicamente para robustecer a la sociedad civil, lo que se requiere es conceptualizarla de manera positiva. No se puede trabajar de manera residual con las organizaciones de la sociedad civil. Ruiz-Restrepo prefiere…

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Restriction doesn’t come only from the political society side

Full Article Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo (…) says that: “restrictive space or the government are not our biggest problem anymore. For me, corporate social responsibility – the abusive one, the unclear unaccountable one – has killed civil society space. We cannot compete with ideas of social justice and human rights vis-à-vis thousands spent on publicity and marketing.” Colombia…

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Entrepreneurs, not scavengers

Waste disposal in Colombia: Muck and Brass Plates The court ordered Cali’s city government to suspend the tender for a waste-management concession to give co-operatives of recicladores, as they are known, time to organise themselves and bid for the contract. The dump they worked at was shut down last year, as part of a reorganisation…

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